Our brand, mission & values

The name of the brand speaks for itself. The word Frühling, which comes from a German language, means spring. We thought of women as flowers, it is an allegory. After application of our body care products, women bloom like the first flowers in the early spring.


Our products are manufactured in France in accordance and in compliance with GMP (EFFCI – ISO 22716). One of the distinctive features of the manufacturer is the Upcycle Concept. This concept implies the production of a closed cycle. Thus, the majority of our ingredients are eco-designed and come from a byproducts.


The brand's mission is to make you happy every time your hands touch a jar. Bring the scents of delight to your bathroom.


The core values of our brand are Sincerity and Creativity.
This is where we see our foundation.
This is what motivates us to grow and move forward!



Because sincerity is the basis of any long-term and positive relationship. This is the kind of relationship we strive to create with our clients.



Because creativity is movement. Without movement there is no development, no creation and birth of new ideas, no life itself.