Frequently Asked Question

Where are Frühling94 products manufactured?

The products are manufactured in France. We pay attention to the choices of ingredients, favouring the use and upgrading of raw materials of natural and organic origins.

What is the UPCYCLE process that you use?

The vast majority of the cosmetic ingredients we offer are derived from the recycling of food industry’s by-product, considered as waste by these industries. By following this approach, Frühling94 manages to give a second life to these “waste” by exploiting all their cosmetic richness.

What material are your containers made of?

We have chosen to use recycled and recyclable PET bottles and jars. Please always remember to recycle your used containers, made from recyclable materials, as it is still the best alternative to reduce waste and environmental impact and ensure that plastic does not end up in our oceans.

Are Frühling94 products tested on animals?

No, we would never use animal testing for neither our ingredients nor our products. The reason we don´t inform about this fact on our packaging is that it is forbidden by EU-legislation to mention “not tested on animals” as animal testing is prohibited within the EU for many years.

Does Frühling94 products have an expiry date?

Opened products will last for about 6 months and is shown by the “Open jar symbol” on the packaging. However, some products will last a lot longer so always use your nose to determine the status of the product not to waste a perfectly good product. Remember that our products have a shelf life (Best Before Date) of about 36 months.