9 Facts you need to know about Frühling94

9 Facts you need to know about Frühling94

Nobody likes to read long texts. We thought about how to briefly and reasonably talk about our brand. And we came to the conclusion that no one will tell about this better than the founder of the brand.

Our 9 questions

1. Why did you choose to produce skin care products?

A desire to see women all ages neat and to present moments that are dedicated exclusively to them.

2. What does natural and organic cosmetics mean?

Natural cosmetics do not contain synthetic ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens and silicones - only fruit extracts, extracts from flowers and plants, essential oils. The production of organic cosmetics does not harm the environment, and the products themselves are not tested on animals.

Our products produced in France und certified ISO 22716, the mandatory standard for the manufacture of cosmetic products in France. Obtaining this certification ensures and justifies the seriousness of our quality approach.

3. What are the main requirements of the raw materials for natural cosmetics?

The search for naturality and the enhancement of ingredients are essential for our company. Frühling94 pays attention to the choices of ingredients, favoring the use and upgrading of raw materials of natural and organic origins. In our range we offer products that comply with ISO 16128 and organic standards such as Ecocert Cosmos.

4. Is your brand more female-oriented or is it unisex?

Our brand positions itself as a unisex brand that can be used by both women and men.

5. Do you support natural way of aging or plastic surgeries?

Our company strongly believes that the best way to take care of yourself is to constantly apply beauty care products and to build up a daily beauty routine that can prevent early aging and avoid plastic surgeries.

6. How do you see the future of the cosmetics industry?

An inevitable transition from B2C to B2H (business to human) relationships. The new approach will take into account sensitive topics and offer a personalized care based on the problems of each customer.

7. What products do you plan to release in the near future?

Frühling94 expands its product line with the products, such as clay for body and face, body lotion and hand creme.

8. Where did your brand name come from?

What does it mean "Frühling94"? The name of the brand comes from the German word Frühling, which means spring. It is an allegory of the women as flowers. After application of our body care products, women bloom like the first flowers in the early spring.

9. What does inspire you the most?

Unlimited freedom in product creation and an opportunity to compliment a sense of Frühling94 (spring).


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